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EPRC is a multi-disciplinary research, education, training and networking non-government non-profit organization with a vision to redress sufferings of the poor through appropriate management/development of water, hygiene, wastes, sanitation, agriculture, forestry, energy, food, disaster risks, education, health, micro credit and social scopes in local, regional and global levels.

EPRC Mission: incorporate strategic research, training, technical service, laboratory analysis, information exchange/dissemination and networking for effective and sustainable achievements in respective targeted development programs.

EPRC is currently conducting the following research: safe water supply and water safety; community led arsenic mitigation water supply; personal, household and community sanitation and hygiene; environmental health, agricultural and social impacts assessment; climate change adaptation, resilience and its mitigation in coastal, char and urban areas; integrated safe water, bio-gas based small bore sewerage system, hygiene, and institutional capacity development in slums; safe school based environment and health improvement, basic women and children education; risks, impacts and is management related to indoor air pollution in rural and urban areas; women/small entrepreneur based preserved food production and marketing; building environmental health and disaster risks management capacity among local women, local government and teachers, community/small NGO based water sanitation and hygiene management in disaster; environmental health improvement inside flood controlled-irrigation embankments; water quality monitoring and development based on remote sensing observations; integrated water resource management through area water partnerships; point-of-use technology based water quality management and health impacts; environmental and social variables and their interactions with coral reefs; building capacity of community about disaster preparedness, plantation and management of cyclone shelters; building income generating and WASH management capacity of poor women; monitoring water quality in flood and drought; comparison of constructed and natural wet-land management for wastewater treatment and fish production and, development of quality rice and vegetable seeds.

EPRC runs an environmental and food laboratory, which tests samples from its own projects as well as from other organizations. EPRC is providing with higher educational guidance and placement of post-graduate students from Universities in Bangladesh and other countries in our projects. It also conducts as well as coordinates short training and workshops based on demand by professionals, practitioners and/or available fund to build the capacity of various stakeholders.